Entertaining Welsey Shaw: The famous celebrity meets the ordinary guy

She’s a movie star extraordinaire, as famous for her temper as her talent. Paparazzi hound her. People love to hate her.aSo why has Welsey Shaw stopped making movies, only to spend her days sitting in a New York City Starbucks incognito, watching everybody, all alone? 
Daniel Ferreira would like to know. His volatile first encounter with the diva leads to a very improbably friendship, as opposites attract—or at least become very curious about one another. Soon they start “bumping into” each other at the coffeeshop every week while pretending to be there for other reasons; they talk, play silly games, argue, and stare outside at the rain. All this time, however, Daniel wonders why the actress seems to be so interested in him. When the opportunity to read her private notes on her cell phone presents itself, the temptation is just too great.
Entertaining Welsey Shaw is the story of two types of people who normally never meet—and what happens after they do.
MeJohn Grabowski grew up on the east coast, has traveled around Europe and now calls Northern California home. He has worked in print, advertising, and television news, where he’s encountered a few celebrities himself. When not writing, he enjoys travel, coffee, jazz, classical music, and pushing that little button that makes the rear sunshade on his car go up and down. Entertaining Welsey Shaw is his first novel. spacer1

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