Entertaining Welsey Shaw: The ordinary guy seeking fame meets the glamorous celebrity who’s sick of it.

Imagine that the most famous and elusive movie star in the world meets with you once a week at an ordinary location, and, hiding in plain sight, proceeds to make you her confidant, her best friend, her indispensable single person she can talk to. Surrounded by crazies, liars, and sycophants, she finds you a breath of fresh air.

So you come together, week after week, with the understanding that it does not go any further than the four walls of a certain Starbucks on Manhattan’s Park Avenue. Only of course it eventually does. She keeps relying you more and more and keep finding her increasingly fascinating. How could you not? She wealthy, she’s famous, her life is one of envy—Or is it?

Paparazzi, stalkers, and friends who can’t be trusted, these are the people make up her life. And now you have a front row seat into her world, a world that’s not what people on the “outside” think it is, one that’s both more exciting and darker than anything you considered.

Entertaining Welsey Shaw is about feeling frenzied and disconnected in this age of social-everything. It deals with fame the way most people never think of it, and examines how much of our lives is just the result of divine luck. It deals with the road not taken, the cost of success, and how true conversation seems to be a vanishing art.

Entertaining Welsey Shaw is about two types of people who normally never meet—and what happens after they do.

MeJohn Grabowski grew up on the east coast, has traveled around Europe and now calls Northern California home. He has worked in PR, advertising, and radio and television news, where he’s encountered a few celebrities himself. When not writing, he enjoys travel, gourmet coffee, jazz, classical music, and pushing that little button that makes the rear sunshade on his car go up and down. Entertaining Welsey Shaw is his first novel. spacer1