Dating a Celeb

So the basic premise of my novel–that an ordinary guy hooks up with a big celeb–seems untenable to some.

So I was surprised to find a celebrity who chased after an ordinary guy.

Well, not quite a completely ordinary guy. He appeared on a TV reality show, The Bachelorette, but did not win. Jennifer Love Hewitt evidently thought he was a winner, though. She apparently chased after him after tweeting about how gorgeous he was, going to San Francisco (he’s a winemaker in nearby Sonoma), where she hooked up with her man in a pub. The two went away into the night at her instigating, or at least that’s what witnesses said at the time. A few days later he tweeted that he is not dating anyone (anymore).

Still, she sought him out, they met up, and they apparently started seeing each other, if only briefly.  Not typical, by any means.

It’s surprising she was so open and direct. She could have had her agent contact him. Instead she apparently opted for the direct route.

Welsey, are you taking note?

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