Demi down

Substance abuse? Stress and anxiety? Another celebrity has reportedly had a fall.

This time it’s Demi Moore, who according to TMZ was hospitalized and is now seeking “professional assistance.” This comes less than two weeks after Heather Locklear similarly crashed and was rushed to the hospital.

At least Demi appears to know when she needs help, unlike many a celebrity. Some say No, No, No when they are told to go to rehab, and pay a dear price. Others keep partying as though nothing has happened, even though they now often have to crash the parties they were once invited to.

Friends say things started to spiral downward for Moore after her breakup with Ashton Kutcher. (Funny, I’d think this would be a positive in one’s life, but I admit I don’t know Ashton the way she does. Maybe he has unlimited hidden charm.)

It’s interesting how this sort of lifestyle befalls movie and music stars more than just about anyone else. Other people have stressful lines of work too. And of course they abuse drugs. Still, these sorts of collapses seem to follow celebrities more than ER doctors and nurses, air traffic controllers, airline pilots, journalists, demolition experts, law enforcement officials and lion tamers, just to name a few.

Yet it seems to be celebrities who have the breakdowns. Does the lifestyle cause the strain or are such vulnerable people attracted to the lifestyle?

For there can be little doubt that acting and performing attract certain “types.” Back in college I had several English classes right near the theater department There was absolutely no doubt the acting classes were composed primarily of certain “types,” and those types were nervous, high-strung and addictive (smoking, drinking, often drugs of some sort). They generally had short attention-spans and needed instant gratification much of the time.

Ms. Moore hasn’t really been in the spotlight’s direct glare in a long while. She went through an unhappy breakup, but nearly everyone goes through that at one point or another. She’s cushioned and isolated from the realities of “daily life” in a way most of us are not. One wonders what it is that fells stars like her.

In Entertaining Welsey Shaw, Welsey is living a life under such public scrutiny that she can’t even walk down the street without attracting a mob of photographers and screaming fans, who want a piece of her, literally. If her Coach bag strap won’t do, there’s always her hair.

It can get that ugly. Some stars have to entomb themselves, Charles Foster Kane-style, in their houses, because any trip outside becomes extremely stressful. Sometimes truly bizarre measures have to be taken to protect stars. These encounters, which Welsey has known since she was a child, have made her guarded, paranoid, fearful. This is what happens when your own mother tips off the paparazzi where you are because she fears there isn’t enough publicity about you out there this week.

But Demi’s issues seem to revolve more around her former marriage and her addiction to partying than to the constant and continuing stresses of fame, which, let’s face it, haven’t been constant and continuing in a very long time.

Are the stresses of life overwhelming Demi, or is Demi extremely susceptible to the stresses of life? What do you think?

UPDATE: It appears the cause of Demi’s breakdown may be something else entirely. The 911 tapes have emerged. And it seems her shenanigans cost her a movie role.

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