Celebrities had to put up with stupid even back then…

1965. Young and lovely Julie Christie is doing publicity for her new film, Dr. Zhivago. The first “entertainment reporter” struggles to interview her and fails to ask one intelligent question. Forty-seven years later, and things haven’t changed much.

And watch her later, at around the five-minute mark, discussing the fact that an actress’s shelf life is very short, and so often lasts only until she is not pretty anymore. Nearly half a century ago, but these words could have all been said today. Welsey struggles with the same issues.

The BBC website’s review for Dr. Zhivago mentions this interview, and says, “It’s hard to recall anyone looking so bored or frustrated in interview as Julie Christie, who sits through a succession of lousy film hacks asking banal questions on a promotional junket in New York. Gasp in wonderment and fall about laughing as she’s asked, ‘Do you do holidays?’ and ‘You are an individual aren’t you?'”

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