George Clooney: Ain’t misbehavin’

Welesy Shaw is pegged as a misbehaving celebrity at the beginning of my novel Entertaining Welsey Shaw and there are lots of them—the divas who throw fits if they can’t sashay into a restaurant and receive immediate, fawning service, or who think the rules don’t apply to them. Actually Welsey is not as bad as the reputation that precedes her, but she is used to a world where she comes first, because for most of her life that’s the only one she’s ever known. She comes to realize she has to adjust her ways. That’s what much of the story is about.

But while many stars are spoiled and arrogant, it’s refreshing to hear about those who have class. And according to a report out of Berlin, Mr. Clooney paid another restaurant diner’s entire meal tab of $135, without even alerting the man to the fact. The lucky recipient didn’t even recognize the actor at first.

Turns out Clooney was afraid that he and his party, who were sitting nearby, had disturbed the diner by being too noisy. The other man says this actually was not true, but for whatever reason, Clooney felt he had to make amends even though no one had complained, and he did so without waiting around for the recognition.

How many other people, stars or whatever, behave that way? Precious few, particularly when there are no cameras watching.

It’s nice to see that gentlemanly behavior is not dead, and that some celebrities do live up to the exalted images of them put forward in the media. He’ll make some woman very happy someday…if only he’d settle down.  ;-)

You can read the whole story here.


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