Mila Kunis is ruining my novel!

KunisYes, she is. Mila Kunis, one of two Hollywood sweethearts at the moment (the other being Jennifer Lawrence), keeps ruining the premise of Entertaining Welsey Shaw. The point of the whole thing is that it’s very hard for famous people to be comfortable around and have relationships with ordinary folks.

But Ms. Kunis defies this. The woman is so lacking in pretension and guardedness that she might just get kicked out of Hollywood’s A-list if she keeps it up. She’s a sci-fi nerd who plays fantasy computer games online. Last year she famously went to a Marine ball after a serviceman publicly asked her on YouTube. It’s typical to hear famous people claim fame hasn’t changed them, but in her case it really seems to be true.

So last week she topped herself. Mila found herself being interviewed about her new movie Oz The Great and Powerful by a very green lad from the BBC. It was his first interview with anyone, and he was not afraid to admit he was nervous about meeting her. She brilliantly put him at ease and got him to talk about himself, turning things around while simultaneously declaring this the “best interview” she’d had all day. Before long he was talking about his buddies and their soccer (“football”) team and asking her out! And she said she’d do it agreeing to watch Watford FC play in the Championship, wear the team jersey and even “down a pint.” With most celebrities you’d never believe there’d be follow-through but Mila already has a track record. Then, really pushing his luck, the 25-year-old interviewer asked her to a wedding in June. She said she was busy filming then but kind of implied she otherwise would go. Kind of surreal, honestly…

I hope more celebrities don’t start doing things like this, or it could spell trouble for people like Welsey, notoriously private and uncomfortable in the company of “civilians.” And it also messes up my novel.

Here’s the whole wonderful BBC interview. You really have to watch this. It’s hard to believe a celebrity, especially one as big as Mila Kunis is right now, can be this relaxed and unguarded. She once said her mother warned her never to get a big head, and it appears she listened. We need more people like Mila Kunis.


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