Replay: From Anne with love…………..



Welsey Shaw and Anne Hathaway have at least two things in common.

They’ve both won Oscars at a young age, and they both hate paparazzi.

The Les Miz star was out walking her dog—that’s another thing she has in common with Welsey—when she grew angry at a paparazzo following her.

So after her doggie did what doggies do when you walk them, she cleaned up the contents, tied up the bag in a little bow and lovingly placed it on the windshield of the pap’s car.

Subtle she ain’t.

Her act raises interesting questions. Technically that is not the way to dispose of dog poop. So Anne could actually be in a little trouble—a fine at least—if the pap presses charges.

No word yet whether he’s done that. And Camp Hathaway has refused to comment.

Welsey Shaw has her beat, too. Welsey once slugged a paparazzo. Knocked his teeth down his throat. Yet she didn’t get in any trouble for it. You’ll have to read the novel to find out how she orchestrated that.

Legally paps can invade the lives of celebrities quite a bit, so long as they do it in a public place. That’s because the celebrity is what’s known to courts as “someone who thrusts himself or herself into the world for attention,” a public figure. You or I could get them to stop, but a famous person cannot. Literally, it’s “the price of fame,” as Welsey well knows.

Recently some notable celebrities have gone to courts and legislators to have things changed. They’re trying to  ring the laws up to date now that technology has made stalking the famous convenient and easy, and changes in our mores and values means most people see nothing wrong with screwing up their lives and endangering their well-being just for our entertainment.

Welsey’s solution doesn’t make things any better for her, as it turns out. Afterwards she still has to deal with paps—in a way, even more so in a form of retribution. It goes to illustrate there is no easy solution to this mess. After all, celebrities use the paps when it suits them. The worst thing, it would seem to me, that could happen to Ms. Hathaway would be if she went for a walk with her dog wearing a T-shirt that said, “I’M ANNE HATHAWAY” and no photographers appeared. There’s no shortage of Hollywood stars who were on fire one day and forgotten the next. So paps should not be dismissed out of hand, and I’ll bet many stars who despise these guys now wooed them when they were starting out. For the famous, often the worst thing that could happen is when people cease being curious. Supposedly Katharine Hepburn once said, “I’ll worry when they stop asking me for my autograph.”

Do you think Ms. Hathaway’s technique was too over the top? In bad taste (or at least bad smell)? Does it say more about her than about them? Or was it appropriate? Should the photog start taking the bus maybe? And should Anne get a citation from the municipality?


One response

  1. I can’t say that I blame her one bit. In fact, I think the fine would be well worth whatever it costs. I imagine she can afford it anyway. Good for her.


    January 3, 2014 at 1:15 pm

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