Kendall Jenner socks the paps


Sock it to me!

I hate to find myself writing about a Jenner/Kardashian, but this is really an appropriate post. Kendall Jenner recently socked a paparazzi who was getting on her nerves.

The twenty-year-old Jenner got into a scuffle last week  outside L’Arc nightclub in Paris. A photographer supposedly got too close to her and she let her fists fly.

Welsey Shaw does exactly this in Entertaining Welsey Shaw too. The reason in her case is different, very different. The photographer does get too close. In fact, he grabs her posterior region. And she turns and lets him have it.

Only one problem in her case: she decks the wrong guy. And she gets into considerable trouble for it.

In Kendall’s case, her own bodyguard leapt into action and restrained her. He also pushed the pap away.

The model hasn’t been shy about her feelings for the crowds of media hounds who try to photograph her every move. “There are definitely moments when the paparazzi scare me,” she’s said.


La Dolce Vita

There’s not a lot of agreement where a star’s public life ends and their private one begins. The paps would seem to indicate it’s never. They’ve always been intrusive—see Fellini’s masterpiece La Dolce Vita to see this kind of behavior in the early sixties (that film is also where the term paparazzi comes from)—but lately, thanks partly to technology and partly to a world that progressively feels nothing is off limits or too personal, it seems celebritydom is out of control. The constant need of sites and shows such as TMZ for material means the paps never sleep. And their subjects—or victims perhaps—can never get away from them.

Last week Julianne Hough was caught by paps puking off a boat while vacationing with her family in Mexico. I wonder how it feels to know that pictures even of you while you’re puking are in demand.

Of course, she also played up her own vacation, showing videos herself on Instagram. So she hardly seems annoyed her privacy is being violated. Some people do love the spotlight, all shades of it, all the time.

Read more about Kendall socking it to the paps here.

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