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Replay: Let’s get away from it all, shall we?

I ran this a couple years ago when my blog was new, and in these cold, wintry months the thoughts seem about as relevant as ever, so here it is again:

Solitude! In my novel, Welsey Shaw, my harried and harassed actress, contemplates going to live in a small cabin deep in the woods to escape the craziness of celebrity and the paparazzi. No electricity, no Internet (but TV and DVDs are okay), no phone.  No people.  Books, magazines, tranquility, nature.  The idea isn’t new: Henry David Thoreau tried it a century and a half ago.  Welsey says her cabin would have to be on one floor and would have to have a porch and a porch swing.  And that swing had better squeak!  Also, fireplaces are mandatory.  Cozy is important in the woods.

She lists the things she’d take with her:  Her iPod.  “Sgt. Pepper.  Keep The Faith.  Christina Aguilera.  All my magazines.  One pair of jeans, one pair of cutoffs, and one or two sweatshirts and T-shirts.  Flip-flops.  Sunglasses.  My hair clip and brush.  Shampoo.  Conditioner.  Beer.  Lip gloss.  Deodorant…One second thought, who cares about deodorant?  I’m going to be alone.  Tampons.  Calamine lotion.  Orangina.  Stolichnaya.  Blue Mountain Peaberry Whole Bean.  A shovel and salt for winter snows.  Logs for the fireplace.  What else?”

Of course my own needs would be somewhat different.  I’d have to have the largest-capacity iPod (or maybe a couple) filled with as many of my CDs as I could fit.  Earphones.  Another pair of earphones as backup.  All my books–that’s a good many–though I no longer read many magazines.  I’d need my computer, and yes, I would have to have a wi-fi connection, though I know that’s really against the spirit of leaving it all behind.  Hank would not approve.

A good bed.  My digital camera.   Clothes, though not many and nothing fancy.  Good shoes.  Toiletries.  Band-Aids.  My deck of TV Mystery Cards.  What am I forgetting?

What about you?  What would you bring along to your secret house in the woods?  What couldn’t you live without?   What would you be more than happy to leave behind? Post your list here and let’s compare notes.